Madeleine Grealy

Madeleine is Professor in the School of Psychological Sciences and Health at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Her research interests are in the areas of perceptuo-motor control and health psychology. She is a registered Sport Psychologist and is also interested in developing exercise rehabilitation programmes for people with brain injuries.


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Review reveals that predicting poor outcome after stroke is still a long way off

Predicting what happens to people after stroke is a tricky business. Madeleine Grealy summarises a systematic review of cohort studies that seeks to predict poor outcome after stroke in older survivors.

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Virtual Reality therapy for stroke: Promising new evidence

Madeleine Grealy discusses promising evidence relating to the effectiveness of Virtual Reality therapy for stroke survivors, published in a recent review and meta-analysis in the open access PLoS ONE journal.

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Improving physical activity after stroke: new systematic review weighs up the options

Madeleine Grealy kicks off the Stroke Elf blogging with this summary of a recent systematic review, which evaluates interventions designed to promote long term participation in physical activity after stroke.

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